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We've done the legwork for you by gathering information from many sources and creating a unique bibliography of renewable energy. You'll save valuable time by referring to only one publication containing thousands of listings. Each print volume lists citations to current articles, books, patents and government reports published in English; as well as facilities, manufacturers, and conferences. Listings are organized alphabetically and numerically within these subject categories:

  • Solar Energy - cookers, dryers, and water-pumping equipment; collectors, coatings, radiation data; photovoltaic cells and systems, solar space power, thermal electric power; active and passive systems for water and space heating, process heat; solar sea power.
  • Biomass Fuels - wood and other solid fuels; alcohol and other liquid fuels; methane and other gas fuels; refuse-derived fuels.
  • Hydrogen Fuels - production, storage and distribution.
  • Geothermal Power - district heating, electrical generation, environmental aspects, and exploration.
  • Water Power - small hydro, tidal, and wave.
  • Wind Power - siting, economics, engineering, electrical generation, water pumping.
  • Energy Storage - heat storage, electrical energy storage, flywheels, compressed air and pumped hydro.
  • Miscellaneous Renewable Energy

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