Energy, particularly the energy radiating from our sun, has been the stuff of life since the earth's beginning. Through the thousands of years of recorded history (and earlier) harnessing this energy was a primary aim of human work. The so-called "fossil fuels" were gradually created as solar energy warmed our planet for hundreds of million years. Most of us now seem to forget this and to take for granted that there will perpetually be an abundant supply of these fuels. Aside from the negative environmental consequences of using fossil fuels or nuclear energy, the potential for international conflict is likely to expand as we compete for these increasingly scarce resources.

Renewable energy, on the other hand, is an environmentally benign resource which we can share rather than compete for. In the time framework of our lives and the lives of our descendants far into the future, it is continually being replenished and freely available if we are clever enough to find efficient means of collecting and storing it.

Everybody likes solar energy; but many people think it's not practical. We at SYNERJY believe that solar energy and many other forms of renewable energy are not only practical but essential. Despite various institutional barriers, new discoveries in renewable energy are occurring almost daily. The information obtained is the fuel for future discoveries. With an adequate commitment, renewable energy can gradually contribute a larger and larger share to our energy consumption.

Browse our glossary of renewable energy terms or our list of renewable energy organizations for more information.

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