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Renewable Energy Manufacturers Indexes

The yellow pages aren't always the answer - especially if you're interested in using renewable energy in your home or business. If you need to locate solar, biomass, wind or hydropower equipment, our classified indexes will be particularly useful.

These indexes list over 1400 renewable energy manufacturers and distributors, organized by product category and geographic area. We've been compiling information since 1974 and update it twice a year. Each listing contains the company name, address, phone and/or fax number, as well as a brief product description. When available, we've also provided web site addresses.

There are three separate indexes available in print or on CD-ROM:

  • Solar (collectors, glazings and coatings; greenhouses and sunspaces; heating and cooling systems, storage tanks, controls; photovoltaic cells, modules, arrays, and equipment for pumping, lighting, telecommunications, battery charging, etc.; cookers, dryers, stills and miscellaneous products) Over 600 companies in the U.S. and Canada / $20.
  • Biomass (alcohol and methane production; biomass- and refuse-fired boilers, turbines, and energy systems; wood-burning boilers, cook stoves, space heaters, and related equipment) Over 300 companies in the U.S. and Canada / $15.
  • Wind and Hydropower (inverters and controls; small scale hydroelectric generators, turbines and equipment; wind generators, turbines, water pumpers, blades and towers) Over 550 companies worldwide / $20.

Our indexes can be organized in customized lists to meet your individual needs:

  • By energy category and/or subcategory (e.g., solar/photovoltaic or water/tidal)
  • Alphabetically
  • Geographically by zip code

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Here are a few SAMPLE ENTRIES to give you a better idea of the contents,

Solar - Conversion to Electricity

*Ascension Technology
, PO Box 314, Lincoln, MA 01773; tel: 617-890-8844; fax: 617-890-2050; e-mail: info@ascensiontech.
com; web: www.ascensiontech.com (Integrated photovoltaic systems)
*ASE Americas, Inc., 4 Suburban Park Drive, Billerica, MA 01821; tel: 978-667-5900 fax: 978-663-2868 web: www.asepv.com (PV cells, modules and systems)

Wood and Other Solid Fuels

*Decton Burn Systems, 5200 North 124th Street, Milwaukee, WI 53225; tel: 414-462-5200; fax: 414-462-5531 email: dectonburn@aol.com web: www.decton. com (Wood waste-fired furnaces and boilers)
*Positive Chimney Shoppe, 6717 East M-115, Cadillac, MI 49601; tel: 616-775-7941 (Pellet and efficient wood stoves)

Wind Power (Generators, Water Pumps, Blades and Towers)
FOREIGN (listed alphabetically by country)

*Bonus Energy A/S,
Fabriksvej 4, DK-7330 Brande, DENMARK; tel: (45) 97 18 1122; fax: (45) 97 18 3086; e-mail: bonus@bonus.dk; web: www.bonus.dk (300-1000kW horizontal axis generators; towers)
*Vestas Wind Systems A/S, Smed Hansensvej 27, DK-6940 Lem, DENMARK; tel: (45) 97 34 1188; fax: (45) 97 34 1484; email: vestas@vestas.dk; web: www.vestas.dk (225-1650kW horizontal axis wind turbines)


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